The service we are offering is to Nitride your fork stanchions in Gold or DLC Black! However depending on the degree of existing wear or corrosion your tubes may need to be Rechromed first. For example there must be no pit marks on your stanchions for the coating to work properly (sometimes having the odd mark is acceptable and the coating will still work fine, we shall examine your parts when they arrive and let you know as to whether or not it will).


Fork Stanchion Gold: £85 (per stanchion)

Fork Stanchion DLC Black: £95 (per stanchion)

To have your fork stanchions Nitridided to a very high standard and with full guarantee, all you have to do is fill in this form and send it with your Stanchions to us via Royal Mail or courier. Upon receiving your item we we will Nitride them in your chosen colour and then carefully package it so no damage can be done before finally sending them back to you. its as simple as that !!

The expected turnaround time to complete this service is around 3 weeks

Please Note: Prices vary depending on item/s. For quotes and/or further questions please either call us on 01535 606200 or email us