Powder Coating

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The powder coating service we offer is very simple. You send us the parts you require powder coating with your contact information. We then carry out the service to exceedingly high standards, contact you for payment and then send the items back to you.

Frame Powder Coating Wheel Powder Coating
Item Price
Up to 500cc From £80
501cc - 700cc From £100
701cc - 1000cc From £120
Over 1000cc From £120
Item Price
Single From £40
Pair From £80
Removal and Fitting of Wheel Bearings From £10
Remove and Refit Tyre with Rebalance From £10
Other Powder Coating Other Powder Coating
Item Price
Swingarm From £35
Centre Stand From £15
Item Price
Small Parts From £10
Springs From £15

This service includes:

  • Blasting off the old coating in the most natural way. No heating of the product involved
  • Thorough check of the parts for wear or damage
  • Masking of all areas which should be paint free
  • Powder coat in your chosen colour
  • Baked to a superior glass like, gloss finish

What is powder coating ?

Powder coating is the modern version of stove enamelling in which an electrostatically charged powder is sprayed onto an item. This electric charge that is applied to the dry powder is what makes it attract and wrap around the part. This leads to an all over, even coat depth of paint. We then place the coated component in oven oven to cure the paint which results in the superior glass like, gloss finish.

Why choose us ?

With our powder coating done in house with our own powder coating room and oven. We guarantee a fast turn-around time and also to pay extra special attention to make sure your item is fully covered and to the best of standards. We stock a vast amount of colours so we certainly have the one you want ! So if you want that professional finish, get it done by us.

PLEASE NOTE: Price table is just a rough price and is not the exact cost. You must include a contact form when sending us your parts. You can print one of ours off here. Some additional charges may occur depending on the condition so send your item to us in. Please make sure items are clean to prevent and extra costs.