The service we are offering is to Re-Chrome your worn and unappealing fork stanchions back to looking and feeling brand new ! The cost to Rechrome your stanchion is £125 per leg.

Upon their arrival we will do the following:

  • Full inspection inspection of your stanchion, we even check the straightness before carrying out the rechroming process
  • We then pre-grind your stanchion on a centreless grinding machine. This is to remove old chrome and any pitting and/or damage
  • Mask all internal bushes and valves as preparation
  • The forks are then rechromed to an oversize, this allows us to grind the stanchion back to its original size.
  • Upon the completion of this we will inspect them to ensure they are of the highest quality
  • The forks are and polished to a reduced friction finish
  • We carefully package it back up so no damage can be done before finally sending them back to you. its as simple as that !!

To have your old stanchions Re-Chromed to a very high standard and with full guarantee, all you have to do is send them to us via Royal Mail or courier.

The expected turnaround time to complete this service is around 2 and a half weeks.

Please Note:  When sending items you need to include contact details or one of our service forms which you can find here. Prices vary depending on item/s. For quotes and/or further questions please either call us on 01535 606200 or email us