Honda PC800 PC 800 1989 1990 YSS PD Fork Valves – PD335

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Outside diameter 33.5mm
Diameter for piston bore in the fork: 26mm
Height valve total: 15mm

YSS fork valves turn a conventional fork a controlled feeling with improved road contact. CAD designed and hardened from extremely lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum with 65 Rockwell.

Fine adjustable and suitable for almost all fork diameter.

Through an elaborate system of holes in the valve of the oil flow in the fork is changed so that the road contact and feedback is much more direct. The driver thus gaining security and feel for the road surface.

A very detailed installation instructions with pictures included in the delivery. Application: on-, off-road, racing and touring applications.

The fork valves are ready for use for the respective fork diameter. Subsequent fine tuning can be done by the amount of oil or other oil viscosity.

How do they work:
The YSS fork valve is inserted between the piston rod and fork spring. Therefore it is important to previously know the internal diameter of the dip tube and the bore in the piston rod.

Depending on fork valve diameter used additional oil flow holes must be drilled in the piston rod. This is described in detail in the installation instructions.

The fine tuning of the fork valve is possible after installation with little effort:
The crown has solved pulled the oil out of the fork and the fork valve are lifted upwards.
Then can be tightened in increments of 2 rotations or dissolved again with a allen key adjustment screw.
Please consider this only the top screw to rotate and then tighten the lower lock nut.