Honda CRF300 RALLY / L 2021 2022 YSS Shock Absorber MZ456-415TR-07

£389.00 EXCL. VAT


LENGTH (mm): 415

TOP (mm): 10X30

BOTTOM (mm): F.30X10

SPRING (mm): 56-95-260

FEATURES: Threaded Spring Preload – Rebound Adjustment

YSS is the largest producer of after market motorcycle shock absorbers in the world, and its range is constantly expanding. With a 270 strong team, they manufacture over 2 million shocks per year, with a plethora of products to suit all tastes and budgets. Since its establishment in 1983, YSS has become renowned for its use of high quality components and cutting edge technology. Every part that goes into a YSS shock is designed, manufactured and tested in house at the YSS factory in Thailand. YSS has achieved TUV, KBA and ISO accreditation for its consistency in producing innovative and excellent products, and as a testament to this the entire range comes with a full two-year warranty.

Engineered to the ideal specification for each bike, YSS shocks come ready to install straight out of the box, without the need for further adjustments. Additional features are available depending on the bike or scooter; threaded spring pre-load adjustment, high and low-speed compression adjustment and a 60 click rebound adjustment are just a few that YSS shocks have to offer, enabling riders to tailor their shock to their own personal requirements.

A strict testing process is used at the YSS factory to check that the shocks meet OE specifications, with each one being specially heat treated for extra durability and strength. Shot peened for a professional finish, YSS shocks are not only a product of outstanding performance, but they also look attractive on your bike.

Our shocks come as standard set to a 12-15 stone rider. We can set up the shocks with a lighter or heavier spring for just £70 extra

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 65 × 25 × 35 cm

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